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My Recent Sales

228 North Sparks Street, Burbank CA 91506 

219 N Beachwood Dr, Burbank
SOLD for $1,645,000

1403 Garden Ave Glendale Rancho
SOLD for $1,540,000. Gorgeous Rancho estate.

113 S Kenneth Rd, Burbank
Sold! $950,000. Highest price townhouse in Burbank!

996 W Riverside Drive #21, Burbank

446 S Lamer St, Burbank Rancho
Asked $1,375000 and Sold $1,425,000

 616 S Reese Pl, Burbank
SOLD!  616SouthReese.com  Asked $1,375,000 Sold for $1,385,000.
Beautiful Equestrian Estate.

711 South Griffith Park Dr, Burbank

154 Allen Avenue, Glendale
This is a 31,000 sq ft lot with a beautiful upgraded home, guest house,
apartment for the horse keeper, 4 stall barn with feed room, turnouts,
5 horse grooming area, arena, goat house, and an amazing pool with 
a living room in it. This was on the market for 2 years and then they
listed with me and I sold it in 2 months. To horse people! 
SOLD $2,250,000
Highest Price EVER in the Rancho!

1802 W Riverside Dr, Burbank
This is a gorgeous 10,500 sq ft lot with a beautiful home. This sold for
the third highest price EVER in the Rancho the first weekend it was on 
the market. SOLD $1,795,000

1728 Stanton Ave, Glendale
This adorable property leased in 4 days. 25 people called within 4 days to see
this property. I had several offers. This is a tribute to the homeowner who
prepared her home for lease and should be very proud of how her home attracted
so many possible renters. LEASED $4200

1910 Parkside Avenue, Burbank
A young family purchased this from me in 2012 as a fixer and 
made this the beauty that it is today and sold so high! Amazing
landscaping!!! April 2019 $1,150,000

1505 Riverside Drive, Burbank
This adorable horse property was purchased by a Palomino Quarter Horse
and her human! Horse people to horse property! Preserving the tradition
of the Rancho. April 2019

1541 Rancho Avenue, Glendale
SOLD! To horse people! Horse people to horse Property!
Preserving the Tradition of the Rancho!! $1,100,000

1025 S Chavez, Glendale
Rancho. LEASED $4500

821 S Mariposa St, Burbank
Beautiful home sold in one day. 
Over asking. $1,240,000 6/2018

1713 Riverside Dr, Glendale
Rancho. LEASED $4500

605 South Sparks, Burbank
Beautiful home. Sold over asking. 
Sold for $1,400,000

1412 N Catalina, Burbank
Darling Pool home with a small accessory unit.
Large lot. My buyer a single father and his 2 children. 
Sold Dec. 2017

1819 N Lincoln, Burbank
Charming home on a large lot. Sold to my Buyer a single father and his son. 
Also a Veteran. So happy to have accomplished this sale 
in this crazy market! 2/2018

236 S Mariposa, Burbank
Lease for my Buyer, a star on a CBS program!

647 South Sparks, Rancho
Charming and pristine Mini Equestrian Estate.
Move in ready home and fantastic barn.
Sold to a gorgeous Black Andalusion and his Mom.
Horse people to horse property! Preserving the tradition of the Rancho!

365 West Alameda, #304 Rancho!
Sold to a horse woman!
Gorgeous top floor condo with beautiful hardwood floors,
mountain views and so much more!

643 South Mariposa Ave
SOLD! With multiple offers in 2 days.
Asked $1,200,000 and sold for $1,265,000 right away.
Beautiful Rancho home!

434 South Mariposa Ave
Just Sold
This darling Rancho pool home sold in 2 days for over asking
Happy sellers Happy Buyers Happy Me!

434 West Spazier Ave
Just Sold
$792,000. Large Family Home in the Rancho
Not an easy sale but it did close and everyone is happy!

368 West Spazier Ave
Just Sold
Charming completely renovated equestrian property
Chic trendy touches everywhere. A rare find in the Rancho!

647 South Sparks

Just Leased!
$3600.  Many offers!
Very happy homeowner!

821 South Mariposa Burbank Rancho

Just leased!
Gorgeous remodeled equestrian estate 3 bedroom 3 bath.
Leased for $4000.
My buyer My seller Both very happy!!

Charming, upgraded and excellent Horse Property in Lake View Terrace SOLD for $575,000

619 South Sparks, Burbank Rancho

Gorgeous Equestrian Estate. Recently completely remodeled home with additional studio, outdoor kitchen, pool, beautiful equestrian facility with tack and feed rooms.
My Buyers, My Sellers!

Sold for $1,357,000

152 Western, Glendale Rancho

This high profile cottage on the corner of Riverside and Western had a tree house and needed some TLC. Sold to my buyer who will preserve the barn and raise his family here!


377 West Spazier

SOLD for $800,000. My buyer. 
Darling Rancho horse property on a large lot with stalls and a cute cute cottage!

10165 La Canada Way Shadow Hills

Gorgeous 3 acre Equestrian Estate with a 5700 sq ft Tuscan remodeled home with an enormous wrap around outdoor living space! Room for over 25 horses and an arena! Fantastic views, privacy and nothing but the "nay" of horses! 


531 South Gaylord Burbank Rancho

Charming traditional up on a knoll on a very large lot.

SOLD in April 2015

1021 Dincara Rd Burbank Rancho
1021 Dincara Rd Burbank Rancho

Sold in November 2014 In ONE day


730 South Griffith Park Dr, Burbank Rancho

This gorgeous 2 story 4 bedroom 2 bath home was a move in ready beauty! This belonged to my neighbors Bob and Melody and I watched them raise their 2 daughters there. They moved to Kansas and I sold their house.
July 2014


236 and 240 East Alameda Ave. Burbank
Azoned commerical property for an ivestor to possibly build some town houses and retail space as a multi use property.  My Buyer!   $1,125,000.
May 2014

LEASED!  2014

My client wanted a tenant who knew and loved the Rancho, Might have a horse, and would write a long term lease.  And that is exactly who I found.  Very happy tenants and Landlord.

703 S Griffith Park Dr  Burbank Rancho
Picture Perfect Rancho Home!
Sold very quickly for $785,000
Very happy Sellers.
February 2014

225 S Lincoln Burbank
My Buyer LOVES her wonderful new home in a great neighborhood!
September 2013

641 S Sparks   Burbank
Leased to a long time Rancho Resident , My Client and new neighbor, for 3 years.
November 2013

821 S Mariposa,  Rancho

Completely redone and updated, and with a new cinderblock barn, in 2010,  this
fabulous Rancho home sold in one showing in a day. My buyers and my sellers.  See testimonials!

$930,000  July 2013

636 S Reese  Rancho

Rarely does a property such as this come on the market.  A real gem in the rancho.  Double lot and completely renovated home with a gorgeous yard featuring outdoor living, pool, an office with waiting room, lawn, decking and a gorgeous barn with 2 stalls and turnouts. Asked $1,279,000, and

SOLD $1,400,000.

Check out www.636southreese.com.

Sold July 2013


Sold July 2013

I had a buyer from Temecula with 3 horses.  There was very little on the market.  I drove him by this house and he liked it.  The next day I knocked on the door and told the homeowner I have a buyer and she said  "I'm Ready to sell.  Closed in 30 days. Check out the video on the Home page.


620 S Griffith Park Dr,  Burbank Rancho

This cute home was leased to my lovely and darling clients Nikki and Brian who have a horse at the LAEC.  Moving from downtown LA they will be extremely happy in the Rancho with their 2 beautiful dogs.

The NORA AVERY Equestrian Estate
154 Allen Ave.  Glendale Rancho
SOLD in March 2013.
24,000 sq ft lot with a large riding arena, 5 stall cinder block barn with turnouts, and a completely renovated 3 bedroom 3 bath house.  Lush landscaping, gorgeous iceberg roses and humongous hedges for privacy. Truly a gem  in the Rancho.  My BUYER, with beautiful Friesian horses.


1728 Stanton, Glendale Rancho

Darling rancho property with a pool and a charming back yard.  Room for a stable and plenty of hay and tack storage and plenty of room for turnout.  My Buyer!
SOLD! Feb 2013


This 1/2/Acre Equestrian Estate was once a part of the Bette Davis estate.  Steeped in history this gorgeous horse heaven had been on the market before however I sold it to an equestrian.  Sold for the highest price in the Rancho in years and $15,000 under the highest price ever!

This wonderful property on a great street in the Rancho was leased by my client, an Equestrian with an Equestrian daughter.  This property does not have horse facilities but the new tenant still brought 2 horses to the Rancho!
1324 W Morningside Ave,  Burbank Rancho


This darling Rancho horse property was on the market for quite a while.  After many months the listing agent presented 2 offers to the owner who immediately said I will not sell my horse property to a non equestrian.  Call Jay!  I ran over with my 
buyer and our offer was accepted.  Not only was my client an Equestrian but she also had a yellow horse [Palomino] to match the yellow house and barn. 
632 S Sparks Burbank Rancho 91506

Charming Rancho home up on a knoll on one of the prettiest streets in the Rancho. This home was 1612 sq ft on a large 7600 sq ft lot.  Sold to a young couple and the wife is an Equestrian.  2012 Sale  1910 W Parkside Ave Burbank Rancho 91506 

A Rare and beautiful Gem in the Rancho!
Rarely does a property come on the market for lease in the Rancho such as this property. 4 bedrooms, 2 baths and all new 2003 construction. My client moved out of state and so they leased for 2 years, and then they will either come home or sell then. This property was leased to a darling young couple with a 2 year old daughter who will enjoy the large baby bedroom and back yard with a swing set.

This property was on the market for a very long time. It is a 9000 sq ft lot and a 3000 sq ft home.  My buyer saw the potential this house has and we were fortunate to get the house for an extremely reasonable price.  We actually closed this property in 2 weeks and moved right in. Sold in March 2011.

 Please visit my testimonials page to see the lovely review Jenn and Tom Corrigan gave me
Interested in how I can help you buy or sell your Burbank Rancho Property? Contact me today!   

This charming Rancho townhouse had all the bells and whistles and is one of the top units at 400 W Riverside Dr. Completely upgraded and move in ready this property sold very quickly and closed within 6 weeks of listing. Sold in March 2011

 Please visit my testimonials page to see the lovely review Jenn and Tom Corrigan gave me
Interested in how I can help you buy or sell your Burbank Rancho Property? Contact me today!    

This charming property had 11 different offers and finally the seller accepted one.  This is a 10,000 sq ft horse property dream and lots of improvements were made by the seller and me.  I actually tried to buy this property in 1997 for myself.  Both the seller and I had sellers remorse when it finally closed. Lucky new owner.

This charming Magnolia Park home sold in ONE day with multiple offers and went over asking.  Wonderful clean property.  A young family purchased this house. SOLD June 2010

This all new 2006 construction has all the bells and whistles imaginable. Gorgeous 4 bedroom and 2.5 baths with distressed hard wood floors, 10 ft ceilings, large kitchen with island and all Viking appliances. It sold in 2006 for $1.2 Million and was hardly used. I listed the property for $875,000 and had multiple offers in ONE day. It sold for over $900,000 and to my Buyer. I represented both sides. My very happy buyer loves living in the Rancho!  SOLD  May 2010.

This gorgeous Rancho Equestrian Paradise was once listed by me at $1,069,000 but it did not sell in the declining market.  I relisted it again in Dec 2009 as a short sale.  I was able to sell the house and close with the bank in a relatively short time. It is a gorgeous remodeled home with one of the prettiest horse facilities in the Rancho.  SOLD  April, 2010

This fabulous Rancho 4 bedroom 3 bath house with a pool is a wonderful and cool property. This property was in back ups but I nevertheless made an offer for my client and we got it.  My client is estactic in the house and in the Rancho.  Read her comments under testimonials.      May 2010

Kimberly Roth 1850 Industrial Rd #214
Jay, I can't thank you enuff for finding this perfect loft with a terrace and a great view. And it is a historical biulding with minimal property taxes. I loved living in the Rancho but living downtown is totally cool.  Thankyou so much for you help and support in finding me this home.  Love, Kimberly


 This gorgeous townhouse is the number one unit at the Parkside Equestrian. With $200,000 in upgrades and a killer deck off the master suite, this unit is 2019 sq ft with 3 bedrooms, 3.5 baths and a kitchen that opens to a family room. A wonderful family purchased this unit where they will grow and flourish and enjoy the unique equestrian lifestyle of the Rancho. I represented the seller and rhe buyer and their comments can be seen under testimonials.


This Parkside Equestrian unit was 2019 sq ft and had 3 bedrooms, 3.5 baths and a large den.  My seller was extremely happy to sell this unit in a down market. See their testimonial under my testimonial page. Fortunately the buyer is an equestrian who is keeping her horses in the barn and has taken over the position of Barn Manager.


Darling couple purchased this cute Magnolia Park Charmer in October 2008.  Great house on a great street in Magnolia Park.


Large 9400 sq ft lot in the Rancho was a short sale. This property took a long time to sell due to the Bank. Finally a lovely couple and their 7 year old son will have many years in this great Rancho property. Sold Feb.2009.


This is one of the most charming horse properties in the Rancho.  Also a short sale, this property took a long time to sell due to the Bank.  Finally sold, Mar 2009.

Charming property on Beachwood just north of Alameda, I call Rancho adjacent. This property sold in 3 days Sept 2007


This darling Guest House on a gorgeous Bette Davis Estate in the Glendale Rancho leased in 3 weeks. The new home rentor just loves the Rancho lifestyle.


Wonderful Shadow Hills horse property was on the market a year when my buyer and I purchased this property.Located on the trail in Shadow Hills, these are 2 very happy owners. See their testamonial under Testamonials Link.


Fabulous guest house in the Rancho rented to a young lady with a horse.


This REO right on Riverside Drive in the Rancho sold in 3 weeks.  Sold to an investor who will rebuild it as horse property and bring it back on the market as a 3000' home in 2009.

 This horse property sold in 2006, i represented the buyer and the seller. 

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